Keep your car in great condition with lubricants from Gulf Oil Singapore

Lubrication is a very important factor to keep your vehicles running. When your car powers up and starts moving, there are so many parts that slide and move against each other, causing enormous amounts of friction. Friction leads to high heat and the heat can actually fuse the metal parts inside your car, causing irreparable damage. The lubricant oil flows in between these moving parts and helps reduce the amount of friction. If you want your car’s engine to last longer and your vehicle to run smoothly, you should be replacing the engine oil regularly. When you pick from good brands, they prolong the life of the engine and will save the money needed for maintenance. 

Gulf Oil Singapore is a brand that is a part of the larger Gulf Oil group founded in 1901 in Pittsburgh. This brand creates five types of lubricants - automotive, agricultural, industrial, marine, and fleet and commercial. When it comes to automotive lubricants, you can get engine oils for cars, motorcycles, smaller commercial vehicles, and even smaller boats. If you have plans of selling your used vehicle, the first thing people check is the health of the engine. You can expect more money when you have regularly oiled your vehicle using the Gulf engine oil. 

Get high performance and low maintenance on your vehicles with the Gulf formula G lubricant

For all regular cars, one of the best oils that you can choose is the Gulf formula G lubricant. This is created using the best synthetic base and can be used for all kinds of cars including SUVs, vans, and trucks too. This oil helps reduce the number of depositions and sludge buildup in the engine on regular usage. You also get more mileage for the fuel consumed which saves you money. The active cleaning elements in the oil keep your engine clean and well-protected. The Gulf Ultrasynth X is another commercial synthetic motor oil that works the best for all Korean, Japanese and American car models. This keeps your gasoline propelled vehicles running smoothly for years together.

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Why choose Gulf Oil Singapore?

 This brand is one of the biggest oil manufacturing companies globally.

 The products from this brand go through multiple levels of testing and quality checks.

 This brand serves automotive customers worldwide.