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Soldering is such a task that is used in a variety of situations. Hakko Products is now available on the website of Lazada Singapore. You can fulfill all your soldering needs from this store because they have all the required products under one roof. The Hakko soldering iron models that are available on this store have a lock-type sleeve assembly. This assembly can be attached to the cover of the connector. To ensure that you do not use the wrong tip, they are coded by colors which enhances work efficiency and accuracy.

The Hakko soldering iron tips are available in different shapes and sizes and each of them has a different purpose. Some of them have a shape that simulates a flat-blade screwdriver. These soldering tips can be used in two ways – you can either use them face-wise or line-wise. You can choose the width suited to your workplace. Some of them, on the other hand, have a thin conical end along with an ultrafine tip. These tips are best suited for soldering the narrow pitches and micro components. Then there are others which are provided with a groove at their tip. This makes them suitable for removing the ICs. 

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The Hakko soldering station that is available on this store consumes 65 W and it also has a digital display. It also comes with features like digital calibration and password locking system. With the help of the display, you will be able to check the set and the actual temperatures. The thermal recovery of the device is much faster as well. The temperatures that the soldering station can accommodate are between 200 and 480 degree Celsius. The station is ESD safe and is very easy to work with because of the compact design that it has. The iron holder has so many functions that the work environment is filled with some visual consistency. 

If you are looking for a place to get Hakko soldering tips and other products, then there is no other place better than Lazada. We have an islandwide delivery option on every purchase that you make. Our website will ensure that you get all the features clarified and so we have clearly described each product in detail. In case you cannot get your product, just type the name in the search panel and you will get the product instantly. You can also choose to get a refund on the things that did not suit your needs because they are damaged. All you have to do is avail our fuss-free return policy and you will get back the amount you paid. Apart from this, you can stay assured because LazMall purchases are all 100% authentic.

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