Brighten your home with the right products from Hy Ray Pte Ltd

You can now sit in the comforts of your room and order everything you want online. The Hy Ray Pte Ltd shop on Lazada makes your part of the job easier by bringing you quality products at affordable prices. The shop brings you gardening tools, BBQ accessories, screen filters for monitors, brushes, sponges, and wipers, bathroom counter storage, furniture protectors and parts, door hardware and locks, decorative door stops and even cleaning products. Don’t be surprised to find bath mats, table lamps, cleaning tools, nails, screws and fasteners, garden décor and ornaments, watering system and garden hoses, air fresheners, paint and primers, bedding accessories, specialty cookware and kitchen tools, glues, and adhesives as well, here.

The shop offers some amazing discounts to steal your heart. For instance, the Amazing Goop II Max 2OZ - EP142100 is offered to you at a discount of 31%! The product is the ultimate repair glue. It is tough but remains flexible at the same time, and permanently bonds with any material. It can also withstand harsh environmental elements. It is waterproof, temperature resistant and dries fast. The 3M™ GPF14.0W9 Gold Laptop Privacy Filter (Widescreen 16:9) -3M-GPF14.0W is another wonderful product available at the store. It is offered to you at a 12% discount now. You can now keep your personal or confidential information safe from prying eyes with this. Only the user will see clearly while people on either side see a vivid golden screen on your laptop.

Make your shopping experience enjoyable

The shop has more in store for you. The CADAC Stratos-2 Gas Grill - CD98700-23-04 BBQ grill is brought to you at a discount of 43%. The grill has automatic piezo ignition and two burners. It also features a removable drip tray and warmer tray. The built-in thermometer on the dome displays temperature without having to lift the lid. The product comes with free assembly. The FOM Insect Prevention Net for Pram FM-4400 is another product available at the store and that too at an amazing discount of 51%! This net will surely help you protect your baby from mosquitoes and other insects. The Maglite Compact LED flashlight 2AA offered at a 20% discount is another great buy.

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