Clean your home or office intelligently with iRobot 

Keeping even a small home or office clean can seem like a chore at times, especially when you are short on time or don’t have the right equipment for the task. Luckily, in Singapore, you can now move ahead of traditional cleaning mechanisms and choose smart and unique solutions from iRobot. This brand brings you compact and intelligent cleaners that can navigate any space without supervision and clean efficiently. You can use these to get rid of all the dirt and dust you see, and don’t see. The Roomba model is especially a versatile genius as it can reach tough corners and under all kinds of furniture. This cleaner boasts of a powerful suction technique that is ideal for picking up pet hair. 

iRobot Roomba can also get rid of harmful allergens, which cause respiratory problems, skin ailments and such. Using such a cleaning device makes perfect sense especially if you have elderly family members or kids at home. These robotic cleaners can move around random objects with ease and give a spotless look to any floor. You can clean up carpets and rugs with the iRobot Roomba 980, which comes with multi-surface brushes made of rubber. These brushes are highly flexible and dust such surfaces with ease. Pollens and particles which are as tiny as 10 microns can be cleaned by this model. 

The smartest cleaners are now available online 

iRobot Braava is another advanced cleaning solution or a robotic mop that leaves behind zero grime or dirt. Dual cleaning modes and a cleaning pad makes it easy to use this device for cleaning both small and large rooms. Whether your floor is lined with tiles, stone or wood, this clever mopping solution will get the job done quickly. It is designed to tackle the dirt that gets lodged along edges and in cramped corners. The cleaner also remembers where it has already cleaned and where it needs to next. You can also buy versions that use jet spray to remove stains from coffee or wine. These are especially great for bathrooms and kitchens, and have damp mop and dry sweep modes too. 

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