Join the reuse revolution with KeepCup

The journey of the KeepCup began with a simple concept for reusable cups made of polypropylene; Simple to use for baristas, and easy for the customers to carry. The brand started in 2009 by siblings Jamie and Abigail, and rapidly it became the most demanding brand. After receiving some confidence and a huge following, the brand extended its variety, and today it provides an option of glass or polypropylene. You can pick between various cork bands, rubber, or sizes or get special edition cups. If you want to use creativity, then you can even customize your KeepCup.

Enjoy every sip of your beverage with KeepCup

Plastic cups are bad for the atmosphere, and you don’t wish to be an active participant to fill up the earth with plastics. All you require is a trendy reusable cup that KeepCup has to offer. Now you can take your beverage on the move with a practical and stylish KeepCup cup. There are four types of cups accessible from this brand, and they all are available in sizes like 12oz, 8oz, 6oz, and 4oz. These reusable plastic cups are crafted from non-toxic polypropylene, and they are BPS and BPA-free. You can wash them in the dishwasher and reheat them without lids to 212°F/100°C degrees. 

With a 4.4 star rating from more than 400 positive reviews, it is obvious why this brand is one of the best portable coffee cups. This brand is practically designing cups for recycling; putting off the usage of use-and-throw single-use plastic cups. The Australia-based company is looking forward to swapping the non-reusable cups completely. KeepCup reusable coffee cup is formed with the use of tempered soda-lime glass. This type of glass is shock resistant, sturdy and can go through dishwasher and high temperatures.

Accidents may take place, and your band or lid may break. In case this happens, you do need to purchase a brand new cup. KeepCup Singapore cups are replaceable and detachable. Purchase of these detachable parts individually makes the process energy-efficient and easy for multiple-uses without wasting an entire cup with only band break. Thus, if you are seeking a travel-friendly cup that will help you sustain your warm coffee for a few hours, you can think about getting reusable coffee cups.

Keep updated with high-quality KeepCups

Are you seeking the top-notch and smart-looking KeepCup range? If yes, then it’s time to enjoy the battle of light and dark – between care and convenience. With the standards and subtle design, the exclusive range of KeepCup star wars is peculiar to all humanoids who understand the methods of the force. These types of cups are lightweight, plus they comfortably fit in your hand.