Drink your coffee in style with cups from Keepcup

Millions of people have the habit of sipping a beverage when they work. This gives them needed energy, hydrates the body and keeps them active all through the day. Coffee, by far, is the most popularly had beverage by people around the world. There are others who prefer tea, hot chocolate and so on too. Whatever drink you have, the cup you use certainly determines the taste to an extent. Few cups keep the drink hot and prevent flavors from escaping out. Few others prevent condensation from making the drink watery.

Keepcup is a seller on Lazada's website that specializes in selling reusable coffee cups for people across the globe. The brand is based out of Melbourne and aims at preventing the use of plastic and paper cups that damage the environment. By using reusable cups from this brand, you can enjoy your coffee everyday without adding to the garbage. This seller page has gotten positive reviews from customers from the day of its online launch. You can get cups, mugs, and saucers all of which are easy to carry and made of best quality materials. Buy Keepcup reusable cups and enjoy your coffee guilt free.

Keepcup reusable coffee cups in Singapore to make your day better

Star Wars is a popular superhero story line that has been made into comics, animation series, and movies. There are so many fans of this story living in Singapore. For such ardent fans, the Star Wars x KeepCup Stormtrooper is a perfect gift. This is a 12 oz sized glass cup which is practical to use. The cup is assembled in 4 parts and is easy to remove and clean. The cup comes with tempered glass for durability, thermal non-slip band to prevent slips and falls, an improved seal closure to prevent leakage and a breather hole that prevents condensation. This cup costs SGD 36.90 on Lazada Singapore’s site. If you are looking for a more unique coffee cup, the KeepCup Brew Cork is a great pick. This is made of toughened soda lime glass and the cork is naturally sourced. The cups are available in different colors and sizes. The 12 oz cup costs you SGD 39.90 on the website. This is also a dishwasher safe cup and can be heated.

Reusable cups from Keepcups in Singapore are fast becoming a trend. The fact that they save the environment and also make you look street smart is an added advantage. Find the right cup for your needs and place an order from this seller page on Lazada right away. You do not have to pay anything for delivery. Free shipping is offered for all purchases. All products from the seller are also eligible for the free returns policy.