Enjoy low fat and super tasty Koka instant noodles 

Instant noodles are loved for what they actually do – provide quick food with minimal cooking needed. These noodles are usually pre-cooked and dried. Different flavors and seasonings are added to the dried product and this is sold in the form of packed food. You just have to soak the contents of the noodles in hot water to enjoy a bowl of steaming hot, tasty noodles. If you are traveling and do not have access to any other kind of food, you can carry a hot water kettle with you and a couple of cups of these instant noodles. These will prevent you from staying hungry and provide quick meals. These days, you get these instant varieties of noodles in so many flavors.

Koka is a Singaporean brand that has its history dating back to 1986. An entrepreneurial couple started the food factory called Tat Hui Foods and it created simple and nutritious instant noodles that catered to the taste buds of Singaporeans. Right now, you can get different types of instant noodles and soups from this brand. There are different flavors to pick from including original, signature, delight, silk, creamy soup and purple wheat. When you buy from Koka, you can be sure that the noodles that you eat are low in sodium and fat and filled with essential whole grains.

Curb mid-meal hunger pangs by slurping on a tasty bowl of cup noodles

Do you always feel hungry at the workplace or when you are traveling? These packet noodles are easy to carry and very easy to make. Since these contain the goodness of whole grains and fiber, the noodles are healthy to consume also. The Signature chicken noodles from this brand come with authentic Singaporean taste. The noodles have a mix of spicy, savory, sweet and peppery taste. You get the taste of fresh chicken in every mouthful. For people who are gluten intolerant, the Silk variety of cup noodles is a good pick. This is made of gluten-free rice and is smooth and silky in texture. You can get single cups of noodles of this brand or get the multi-carton pack.

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Why choose Koka?

● This brand offers MSG free noodles.

● All packs of noodles from this brand are free of artificial coloring and preservatives.

● This brand brings out authentic Singaporean taste in every product it manufactures.