Give your skin the best it deserves with Laneige

Today’s times call for extra skin protection. With all the pollutants and dust flying about, our skins tend to scream for attention with the occasional breakouts and dry patches. Maintaining a healthy and supple skin when you are busy with work and traveling will seem to be a hard task but Laneige makes sure that that is not the case. Complete skin care seems the easiest to achieve with this brand.

Owned by Amore Pacific, the brand is a South Korean cosmetics brand. It was founded in 1994 and has its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. Amore Pacific is the country’s largest cosmetics company. Since Laneige’s beginning, it has expanded to include Laneige Premium Make-up Line and Laneige Homme to its line of consumer products. The latter is a cosmetic brand for men. In 2013, it launched a campaign called ‘Be Waterful’ to increase awareness of its moisturizing product line. The brand has invested in water science and developed the hydro ionized mineral water, which is used in its products for quicker and better absorption during moisturization and mint water, which controls excess sebum production. Buy Laneige products to get a well-moisturized and healthy skin.

Skin care has never been easier than this

Laneige multi cleanser is one of the most popular products of the brand. It is a 4-in-1 multi-action foaming daily face wash which can effectively remove make-up, rinse away sunscreen, deep cleanse and exfoliate gently. It just needs to be massaged onto wet face and rinsed off with lukewarm water. It is ideal for all skin types and does not contain parabens or phthalates. The brand’s new product Laneige two-tone tint lip bar has attained huge popularity. What is so special about this product is that it has two color tones on the same bar, giving a distinctive look to your lips. It moisturizes the outer portion of your lips while giving a tint to the inner portion. There is no question of dry or chapped lips. Walk out in confidence of your whole new look!

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