Choose from a range of Oo-Kun and Friends toys to delight your kid

Getting childish with your kids is one of the pleasurable experiences for any doting parent. When you do certain things with your child as a way of spending time with him/her, you often end up revisiting your own childhood and enjoy this feeling completely. One of these exciting things is watching cartoons or animation with your child. And speaking of modern-day animation series, the one that attracts most kids is Oo-Kun and Friends. If the extremely cute animated characters of this series instantly bring a smile on the face of your child, then you should check out the themed toys and other stuff from Oo-Kun and Friends in Singapore. So, let’s find out what’s in store for you and your kid.

Considering that your child simply loves this animation series, you can think of getting him/her as many themed items as possible to let him/her be surrounded by their favorite characters. Accordingly, you can get the stuffed toys designed to resemble the unique and adorable Oo-Kun characters. These cute plush dolls are made of soft material and are suitable for even toddlers. If you know someone who is fond of this series, then the 22.5 cm soft toys can turn out to be the most-loved gift items for him/her. Looking for a slightly bigger and more impactful one? Then you should take a look at the Imo themed 24 cm soft toy from the brand/store. Like the real Imo, the toy too will provide uninhibited fun and enjoyment to your child.

Get exciting Oo-Kun & Friends themed accessories online

It is not just the toys but also other accessories like notebooks that are brought forth by the brand. The Oo-Kun designed A5-sized spiral ring notebook comes with a chipboard cover with lined pages. These writing books are perfect for taking notes and you can rest assured that your child will never shy away from writing in them. On the other hand, you can go for the Miruku designed one if that is what your kids love and admire the most. And the best part about all this is that you get the items at extremely affordable prices. The store often puts up discounts and promotional offers to help you strike an even better deal.

If you want to buy Oo-Kun and Friends themed items and surprise your little one, then you should know that we at Lazada bring to you a range of them on this store’s page. Just browse through the categories and we are sure that you will be tempted to buy more than one of these themed products. The competitive price-points at which the store makes these play items available can actually let you grab more than one. Among the several advantages that you enjoy while shopping from our online platform, the offer of free shipping and a free return policy are the most beneficial and outstanding. By availing this return policy, you can return defective, faulty or bad quality products free of costs and hassles.