Build your own computer with parts from PC Themes

Computers are amazing inventions ever made by man. The initial computers were the size of a room. With gradual development, computers became smaller, fitting into the palm of the hands these days. Lots of people are passionate about building their own computers. They get different parts like CPU, mother board, monitors, keyboards etc. and custom make the set they want. In such a DIY process, you can get the exact features you want in your system.

Many gamers prefer to build their own systems. If you are one such do-it-yourself enthusiast, then you should check out the PC Themes seller on Lazada's website. This seller has a 3+ year experience selling on this website and has 100% positive customer rating. Brands like GeForce, Nvidia, Samsung, Western Digital etc. are part of the seller portfolio. Irrespective of what kind of system you are thinking of building, buy the parts from PC Themes and start the work right. All products are 100% new and come with a warranty from the seller.

PC Themes in Singapore provide original and new computer parts with warranty

Gamers are very serious about the kind of efficiency their system should possess. Everyday use computers might not handle the high intensity games played and can overheat, slow down or worse, crash while playing. The CPU is the brain of your computer. The more powerful this is, the better it is for the gamer. The GeForce CPU from Nvidia is a perfect gaming CPU available with the seller. This comes with Intel i5 processor, motherboard, a 240 GB SSD, Zotac mini graphic cards and a 2 TB hard disk. The CPU box is often the most understated part ever. How well the box is designed reflects directly on the cooling capacity of the CPU and its aesthetic appeal.  This model has a techware edge tempered glass tower case in mid-size. The processor will cost you SGD 1909 and Lazada Singapore offers zero interest rate installment plans for your purchase. You also get free ID cooling frost flow 120, an Astrock mouse mat and an AC1200 USB 3.0 adapter with your purchase.

Lazada also offers several benefits to you when you place an order from PC themes in Singapore. Free shipping and free cash on delivery are offered to all your purchases irrespective of the order quantity or value. You can opt for the product to get delivered to anywhere in the country. After the order is delivered, you can try using the accessory. In case it does not meet your requirements, you can always opt for the free returns policy and give it back. Lazada will arrange for a reverse pickup and refund your money back. No other ecommerce marketplace facilitates its customers with such freedom.