Be safe at your workplace with glasses from PDS International Pte Ltd 

Every occupational injury and ill health are risks that can be diminished and every action taken towards it drills down to protecting the lives of people. The brand PDS International Pte Ltd, founded in 1993, is a one-stop solution for workplace safety that shares the belief that every individual has the right to work in a safe and healthy environment. Their products are thoroughly tested and comply to both EN 20345 and SS513 standards. The premium products of this brand are simple, skin-friendly, extremely comfortable, and highly durable. The wide range of stylish and ergonomically designed safety products are intended to provide all-day comfort and protection for any occasion.

There are many types of men’s sport sunglasses to choose from. They are made of durable yet slender stainless-steel frame to protect your eyes at work in the roughest of conditions. They have impact-resistant polycarbonate side shields and if you remove the side shields, then you can transform your safety prescription glasses into a trendy sunglass. These sunglasses are light in weight and have comfortable silicon nose pads. The temple tips of these glasses are made of grippy thermoplastic rubber. The slim frame-fitted glasses are sleek and can easily slide into pockets of shirts and pants. They comply with ANSI Z87.1-2003 and SS473:2011 standards and feature an integrated cheek guard for complete protection. 

Always prioritize safety over every other factor

The sports sunglasses from this brand are engineered to be bold and tough. The broad frame of these glasses provides the best molecular circulation and are designed for ease of air flow. They can be easily customized for any activity and you can choose from different kinds of polarized lenses. Plus, the hydrophilic open cell padded bowguard protects against perspiration and other irritants. They can fend off flying debris, dust, and airborne dirt that could stick to your forehead and flow into your eyes. The sweat-resistant rubber provides great grip and impact suspension. In addition, the cohesive dual lens ports offer chameleon versatility.  They are hard coated to resist scratches and enhance sturdiness. 

If you want to get safety gears while working, then you can buy superior quality safety glasses from PDS International Pte Ltd on Lazada Singapore. On our portal, you can read the descriptions of all products listed and we also provide high definition product images and customer reviews to make help you in your buying. The bonus of free doorstep delivery policy on all purchases will help in quick delivery, right to your home or office. We have a protected payment gateway and offer multiple payment options, including cash on delivery. The best part is that if you receive any damaged products, you can return them and claim a refund without any hassles.  

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