Make only the right choices for your home with PowerPac

Modern life would come to a standstill without the right appliances to take care of your daily chores. Shopping for your home is now easy with the PowerPac shop on Lazada Singapore. The PowerPac shop has everything you need for your home including light bulbs, cables, leads, adapters, fans, electric insect killers, night lights, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, household security systems, air coolers, ceiling lights, fire alarms and releases, table lamps, and irons. It also brings you hair accessories and hair dryers. For your kitchen, the shop offers you refrigerators, electric food steamers, cooktops and ranges, rice cookers, electric slow cookers, blenders, electric kettles, thermo pots, electric multi-cookers, pots, pans, freezers, mixers, juicers, fruit extractors, toasters, and ovens. The shop brings you products from trusted brands such as Powerpac, iFan, and My Choice.

The shop provides you mind-blowing offers as well! The PowerPac 0.6L Rice Cooker with Steamer (PPRC62) is offered to you at a wonderful discount of 46%! The product comes with a 24 months local manufacturer warranty as well.  This hardened Aluminum cookpot has an auto switch option from cook to keep the rice warm. The pot comes with a rice paddle and a measuring cup. The PowerPac Electronic Insect Killer (PP2210) is a perfect product that will help you get rid of insects and mosquitoes instantly. The product is available at a 67% discount and has a rating of 4.2/5 on Lazada. The insect killer is free from chemicals and noise, and is highly effective, all thanks to the UV tubes. They are even suitable for hospitals. 

Boxes filled with joy are waiting for you

Shopping has never been more enjoyable. For instance, the iFan - PowerPac Mist Fan Air Cooler with Ionizer (IF7878) can be used to lower room temperature continuously for 7 hours and this amazing product is available to you at a discount of 59%! The cooler has a three-wind mode design. The three different modes are named as Natural, Normal and Sleeping. The My Choice - PowerPac 1.7L Kettle Glass Jug with Auto Switch (MC7008) is another interesting product offered for purchase here and that too at a discount of 40%. It has a large open top for easy cleaning and is made of high tempered glass. The PowerPac Top Load Washing Machine (PPW889) brought to you at a 36% discount is another great buy. It has a wash load capacity of 9 kg.

You can now buy products from PowerPac effortlessly, by going online. And Lazada Singapore is your best bet for this! It is easy to navigate, lists products in a clear format, and features descriptions, images, and customer feedbacks as well. Hence, you can research and choose wisely. Different payment modes are also available here, to add to your convenience. Lazada offers free shipping on all items as well, and if you receive a defective item, you can send it back by using our free return policy. So, you don’t have to worry about being stuck with products you don’t like or need.