Roborock: For hassle-free and effective cleaning

The advancement in technology has brought many brands to think about products to make our lives smart and easy. One such brand is Roborock, which is a known company that produces high-quality vacuum cleaners. It is among the popular names in this sector, which has attracted consumers across the globe with its quality products. The brand has been in the market for many years but its first vacuum cleaner in the market was introduced five years before in 2016. From the very first day, the company had the vision to rule the technology market coming up with high-quality products, thus attracting both consumers and investors.

Roborock leads in the technology market giving the best robot vacuums

Today, Roborock Singapore has several products in the market. Some of the popular ones include robot vacuums and cordless stick vacuum. The robot vacuums promise effective mopping with 3000 vibration per minute with auto mop lifting and powerful suction. These features help in getting effective cleaning of different spaces in your home and offices. The cordless stick vacuum is a user-friendly robot vacuum giving you a robust kind of cleaning solution with constant suction. It can be handled independently and thus can be your perfect companion for cleaning and vacuuming work.

Any consumer technology company is incomplete without premium quality products. One of the best products from the brand is Roborock S6, which is apt for hard floor and carpet cleaning. It comes with a HEPA filter, perfect for cleaning animal hair found on the floor or carpets. It can be used like any other vacuum cleaner with a wet mopping function as well. The suction power for the same is 1800Pa for this model.  

The next product is Roborock S5, which comes with a mop attachment giving the users both the function of mop and vacuum. It comes with E-Tank along with Lidar Navigation and proves perfect for selective room cleaning. The company is known to have limited products all dealing with robot vacuuming. However, these products are available in different models on the Roborock store. These models are different in power, features and other aspects, and are available in different ranges. 

Roborock offers a wide range of robot vacuum machines with advanced features 

At Roborock official store, you can shop the advanced robot vacuum cleaning products with interesting features. One of the key features include room recognition, which is an advanced mopping system. You can schedule the cleaning of different rooms using your smartphone after you sync with the product.  If cleaning different areas of home can happen effectively, don’t you think having a mop like this can be beneficial?