Top class electronics with extended warranties from the Samsung Official Store

Buying an electronic product is never easy. Primarily, it costs you a lot and hence you need to work on your budget constraints. Since electronics are one-time investments, you should take care to pick only the right brands. This increases the lifespan of the products. The better the product is, the lower will be your maintenance costs. People need electronics at home for entertainment, to take care of home chores and to keep them comfortable.

One of the top brands of electronic products for personal needs is produced by Samsung. This South Korean concern was founded in the year 1938. The electronics division was established in the late 1960s. Right now, this brand tops the chart when it comes to home appliances, laptops, and televisions. If you want to upgrade your existing products at home, then visit the Samsung Official Store on Lazada's website and then make your pick from the available option. This online seller page offers mobile phones, TV and AV devices, home appliances and computers. Buy only Samsung products if quality is very important to you.

Be on top of social media with Samsung smartphones in Singapore 

People these days cannot do anything without their smartphones nearby. Phones are used to connect with people, browse the internet, access emails, play games, go online, listen to music, take pictures and watch videos. Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ are the latest premium, high-end, next-generation Samsung phones that offer advanced technology and latest features for the modern user. This phone is best for busy individuals who want the best connectivity possible. Available in prism black, white and green shades, this model of phone has 4+ star ratings on Lazada Singapore’s website. This has 128GB, 512GB and up to 1TB storage capacity and up to 8 GB RAM. It runs on Android OS and has new and improved curved AMOLED screen. Easy installment plans are available on Lazada for users who prefer to pay in batches. Other top-selling and affordable premium phone models by Samsung include A80 and A70 series. They come in an assortment of colors including Phantom Black, Ghost White, and Angel Gold. Both models have 128GB storage capacity with A70 having expandable storage up to 512GB. Check out the Samsung Official Store Promotions page to check out all offers, free gifts, and vouchers just for you.

If you think your phone defines you, ditch other regular brands and buy only Samsung in Singapore. The quality, look and the performance will certainly awe you. All phones from this official store are 100% new and come in sealed packs. Warranties are available too. Free shipping and free cash on delivery options can be availed. Lazada also makes your order eligible for the free returns policy if you change your mind after receiving the product.