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Nowadays, DIY products are gaining popularity and SELFFIX DIY is of the leading DIY brand based in Singapore. This brand has started its journey almost a decade ago and is a leader in the DIY goods and appliances industry, offering a broad portfolio of products to consumers. This brand extends a diverse range of products from lifestyle and home appliances to outdoor and living equipment. The brand also supplies to every single characteristic of your DIY needs ranging from pressure washer, digital safe, LED lighting to humidifiers, air purifier, cordless drill, etc. These DIY products are exclusive and of premium quality. They are durable, light in weight, and known for their robustness. 

There are many kinds of multipurpose cleaner sets that are available here. For instance, the floor and carpet cleaner cleans and refreshes fabric and carpet. It is ideal for large surface areas and penetrates fabric and carpet fibers, breaking up dirt and lifting out stains. The air con cleaner set improves the indoor air quality, contains no harsh chemicals, cleans built-up dust and dirt effectively. The primer spray can work efficiently yet fast. It can be used both indoor and outdoor purposes. it can firmly topcoat to even the most difficult to coat surfaces and includes galvanized steel and two-part epoxies. This spray also creates a smooth, rust-resistant finish for topcoat application. 

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You can now keep your valuables and confidential documents away from prying eyes with security safe which has a simple keypad interface, fully motorized locking, and LCD display. It has 16mm locking bolts. It features incorrect entry alarm feature, one-touch reset button, two emergency manual key to over-ride safe, 3-8 digits personal code, two solid steel bolts, and pre-drilled holes fixing bolt allow permanent mounting. The door hardware enables users to open lock remotely from any location. It features one-touch fingerprint verification method, automatic locking, voice guide feature, high-temperature alarm, intrusion damage alarm, easy registration of keys, emergency mechanical keys, automatic alarm, low battery alarm, anti-panic egress with safe handle, etc. 

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