Shicara brings you the best skincare and makeup products in town!

Every modern woman who is constantly on the lookout for beauty treatments will be happy to know that the shopping portal of Lazada is now the solution to all her problems. Thanks to the online store of Shicara here, you can now get your hands on some of the best makeup and skincare brands. Lancome, Sk-II, Shiseido, Clinique and Origins are some of the names available and their premium products can take care of your skin, hair and overall appearance. Moreover, if you shop now from this store on Lazada, you might get a free Perfect Renew 5 Pcs Trial Kit when you buy Youth Collagen Drink Twin Pack.  

If you are planning to buy skincare products, it might help you to know that Shicara offers a wide array of cleansers, face masks, facial creams, eye creams and moisturizers. And they come at great discounted prices as well. For instance, the gentle cleanser from SK-II comes at 24% discount and cleans your pores effectively, leaving behind smooth and refreshed skin that smells like rose! The facial treatment essence from the same brand comes at 25% to 30% discount and can reduce spots, wrinkles and make your skin radiant and firm. So, looking youthful will no longer burn your budget!

Shicara products are available on Lazada Singapore now

Shopping for beauty treatments is now very easy as you don’t have to drive in the traffic anymore to find a shop. Lazada brings you all that you need through the Shicara store. The power eye cream from SK-II here is a must try especially if you have puffy lids or lines around your eyes. This skincare product makes the skin around eyes firm, moisturizes it, removes lines and adds brightness. It comes at a 30% discount. The Cure Natural Aqua Gel on the other hand is discounted by about 20% and can remove dead skin easily.

If you are looking for makeup products here, check out the Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder that comes with a 39% discount. It exfoliates dead cells, is free from artificial fragrances or colors, and can make your skin brighter and smoother. It contains licorice extract, soy milk and watercress and can keep your skin soft for long. The Adenovital shampoo by Shiseido features a 51% discount and is good for arresting hair fall, boosting hair growth, locking in scalp moisture and removing excess oils. The facial treatment masks by SK-II are very easy to use, luxurious and provide intense hydration for clean and glowing skin. And to buy any of these, you just have to log on to Lazada from your home or office. Since every product comes with free shipping and free returns, you will save more money this way.