Toh Garden brings you all that you need for a beautiful patch of green

Life in Singapore can get dull and uninspiring when you are surrounded only by concrete buildings. Hence, introducing a bit of green into your home and life can bring about a huge positive change. Even the smallest gardens or lawns can lend some freshness and serenity to your residence, helping you connect with nature. And to achieve this, you need the right gardening products from TOH Garden. From plants and seeds to fertilizers, weed control solutions, planters, and décor accents, you will get a wide array of items that make a garden beautiful and healthy. And all of these products are carefully formulated and tested to give you the best results. The planters and decorative accessories are crafted with durable materials as well.  

Wondering how to start? Get a packet of lawn fertilizer from this seller for instance. These are free from harmful chemicals and will provide your grassy patches and plants with all the essential nutrients they need. Go for organic fertilizers if you want to be extra sure. These are easy to apply and come with directions as well. Fertilizers that are specially formulated for certain floral species are also available. Consider buying pest control products as well, as snails, slugs, termites and other insects can destroy plant life if left untreated. These insecticides or herbicides can fight caterpillars, ants, mites, beetles, moth, and bugs too, thereby protecting leafy, floral or indoor plants with ease. Easy spray options are also on offer.  

A variety of plants and holders are on offer

You can now buy a wide array of plants online, from this seller. From hoya floral plants that are ideal for balconies to air plants, hanging orchids and Vanda orchids, the options are many. You can go for decorative and hanging foliage plants and dendrobium in different shades like pink, yellow, magenta and so on. Many of them come in stylish ceramic vases or pots too. Or, you can buy plant holders separately, and choose from innovative self-watering planters or exquisite metal holders that are perfect for air plants. These holders or planters are of premium quality and can look good in your balcony, terrace or in an outdoor garden as well.    

So, what are you waiting for? Lazada makes it super easy for you to pursue gardening passionately with the right plants, accessories and care solutions. We list all products with specifications and customer reviews to help you choose wisely. You can pay with a card online or go for cash-on-delivery. We will ship all orders for free to your doorstep and in case you end up with something defective or damaged, you can avail our free return policy as well. Lazada is easy to navigate and our customer support team makes your experience enjoyable here. 

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