Luxury accessories at prices you can afford from Virida

Who does not love luxury accessories? These are sought after by men, women, and youngsters of all ages, all over the world. A fashion accessory is a decorative product that supplements or compliments one’s dress. Luxury accessories are those that are created by fashion designers who work in top brands globally. The names of these brands are globally recognized and the products are looked up with awe. Even if you wear very simple attire, when you pair it with a branded handbag, footwear or any other accessory, you can end up looking super stylish.

Virida is a seller based out of Singapore. This seller deals with all kinds of luxury accessories for men and women. You can pick from handbags, card holders and wallets for women. For men, wallets and messenger bags are available too. A card holder is a great accessory for business and working women. Giving out visiting cards is a good way to get more business and more clients. Instead of stuffing all your visiting cards inside the handbag, carry an elegant card case and access the cards easily. This seller also deals with ID card cases that come with lanyards. You can buy from Virida with confidence knowing all the products will be of the best possible quality.

Flaunt your designer shoulder bags amidst friends and peers

People love showing off their branded accessories to friends, peers, and family. A handbag or a shoulder bag is a very common accessory that is also very useful. The shoulder bags that this seller deals with are all available as both international and domestic variants. Larger tote bags are perfect to take with you while shopping. If you are a photographer, designer camera bags can also be bought and used. A crossbody bag is also quite popular these days. These are perfect for teenagers and young adults. A wallet is used to safely store bills and coins. Having a wallet means you can easily take out cash when in need. You do not have to rummage around your handbag for loose bills every time.

On Lazada, you can check out all the products of this seller at one place. Every product that you look at comes with detailed product descriptions and customer reviews. You can also check the size of the bags and wallets you like. Using our discounts and sale periods, you can get products at the lowest possible prices on Lazada. We offer Singapore wide delivery for the products you buy from us. Our hassle-free returns policy helps get refunds if the product you received is damaged in some way. All your purchases from our LazMall stores come with the promise of 100% authenticity.

Why choose Virida?

● This seller deals with top international designer brands.

● Customers can expect 100% authentic and new products from this seller.

● All accessories are quality checked before shipping.