White Magic Official Store offers chemical-free cleaning products

Are you looking for cleaning products that are not loaded with chemicals that can have serious side effects on your home and also for the person using them? Here is the seller you need, to get hold of safe and effective cleaning solutions. It sells only chemical-free cleaning products as the seller understand the harm chemicals can cause to the consumer and the environment as a whole. White Magic Official Store is a unique company as it sells all kinds of cleaning items such as bins, brushes, cleaning cloths, mop set, sprays, and more and the best part is they are all devoid of chemicals. So now you can get all that you need to keep your home sparkling clean without worrying about how chemicals can harm your kids, pets, or your home.

White Magic in Singapore has a wide collection of items featured on Lazada too, the famed online shopping portal. It is most lucrative for buyers to pick up things from here due to the huge discounts. For instance, the washing up pad used for scrubbing and wiping on either side is available at a 68% discount while the Microfiber Car Chamois Eco Cloth X 2 is offered at a 53% discount. It can be used for the exterior of the car as a Chamois and as a duster on the inside. Its Korean microfiber makes it stronger, more absorbent to pick up dirt. If you have pets, then there is nothing better than pet grooming and cleaning gloves from the brand, which are available at a 27% discount. This dual sided gloves helps groom and clean well while the rubber bristles remove loose hair and help massage the skin of your pet.

Pick from a complete range of eco-friendly cleaning products

You must buy the Pure Spin Mop Set from White Magic. This lightweight cleaner is available at a 40% discount and comes with a bucket spinner, a mop with a long handle that can pivot 180 degrees and spin 360 degrees, allowing you to clean out every nook and corner. Check out the Shower Eraser Sponge Refill as well which can be bought at a 22% discount. This iron shaped sponge is great for cleaning the bathroom. The micro abrasive fibers remove tough soap residue while the tiny fibers reach the small pits of the surface to take out all the grime from hard surfaces. The brand has many other great cleaning liquids to make your space look spick and span such as Eco Clean - Handwash Spray, window and glass spray as well as floor spray.

And now, all these advanced products are available at reasonable prices on Lazada. This shopping website is easy to navigate, and lists all products with descriptions and customer feedbacks. You can pay for your purchase online, or opt for cash on delivery, based on your convenience. Moreover, Lazada ships everything for free to you, and hence you can save more money! Sending back defective or low quality items is also very easy. All you have to do is use our 14-day free return policy. We will make sure you get a quick refund. You don’t have to venture outside anymore to buy cleaning products!