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Skateboarding is an art that keeps you flexible, active and very popular amidst friends and relatives. If you want to learn a unique sport, then this is definitely a good choice. While initially, it is quite challenging to learn the nuances of working with the board, once you are comfortable, this becomes a very addictive hobby. How fast you learn the tricks of this sport depend largely on the type of skateboard you have. Choosing these is quite challenging as every small difference matters. Factors like the deck width, wheel size, concave proportions and truck height, and width make a huge difference in how easily you skate.

If you are an adult, then the full sized decks are what you need. For teenagers and kids, depending on their size, the micro to midsized decks can be chosen. Trucks are T-shaped metal pieces that are attached to the bottom of your wooden deck. If you want to learn tricks with your board, then you should be choosing low truck heights. For general cruising around, mid to high truck profiles will work. All good brands give you detailed features list mentioning the deck size, truck size and weight of the board. You can read through all this information and then make an informed decision. It is now very easy to buy skateboards online in Singapore.

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If you are bored with the regular skateboards and want something that is more comfortable and faster to ride on, then electric skateboards are a smart option. These look and feel like any normal skating board except that they do not require you to give the push every time. The boards run on electric batteries and hence are super comfortable. Depending on the capacity of the battery, your skateboard’s power and speed are determined. There are different brands that give you smart, rechargeable electric skates. If you are wondering how such battery operated models are maneuvered, then you should check how remote control skateboards work. These have a wireless controller that you can use to turn and move. Most of these models come with a high powered battery that makes cruising on smooth roads such a joy. If you want to use your skateboards to travel shorter distances, then get these electric powered ones.

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