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Smart Glasses: Make Every Moment of Your Life Exciting in Singapore

Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could carry your PC everywhere but not have to put up with the bulky size of it? People have daydreamt of PC glasses, where you can just use your PC and wear it through your eyeglasses. Though this sounded impossible back then, today, with the advancement in technology, this fictional gadget has turned into a reality. With sleek and flexible design, this pair of cool glasses has surpassed all expectations people had in their minds when they imagined a product like this. One can wear this pair of smart glasses and see images come alive like 3D projectors or capture images, record and play back videos. This allows them to never miss a moment.

Sounds exciting? Are you impressed enough to buy these cool glasses? Find a wide variety of Smart Glasses at Lazada, Singapore. There are glasses suited for your lifestyle and needs. There are exciting deals and offers on the portal which could be availed. Save yourself the pain of going to a brick and mortar store and buy smart glasses online from Lazada. Just sit back and relax while we deliver it directly at your door step anywhere in Singapore. What’s more, we offer 14-day free return, so if you are not satisfied with the product which will hardly be the case, we have got your back.

From 3D vision to Video Recorder and Player, Smart Glasses Have It All!

These smart glasses are perfect for business, personal, family and for traveling purpose. They come with Polaroid lenses which protect the eyes and the HD glasses gives crystal clear images. With inbuilt Bluetooth and wireless connectivity, you can carry your images and record videos and play them back anytime anywhere without having to worry about wires and ports. Samsung gears are one of the most widely sought after gadgets in this category. This wearable innovation can be used as a PC when connected with an Android OS, permitting you to view your required images or videos from the PDA by covertly utilizing the focal point of the glasses. Another brand which is a favorite among customers is Sony whose 3d glasses are a rave among those who seek lightweight and easily adjustable glasses to be worn over their regular spectacles. You can find both Sony and Samsung products at Lazada. We also have brands like Googlo, POV, Allwin and much more to suit all your needs.

    3D Glasses

  • Makes your pictures and movies come alive by providing an inclusive experience.
  • Comfortable design allows you to wear it over your spectacles.
  • Lightweight device which can be worn for long movies.
  • It gives you all the privacy as no one can see what you’re watching.
  • Sync with your TV, HDD, phone for uninterrupted 3D experience.

    Polarized Action Glasses

  • Easy recording with one click button.
  • Polarized to protect your eyes.
  • Acts as a sunglass.
  • Easy recording and playback anytime anywhere.
  • Rechargeable batteries so that you never run out of charge.
  • Great sound and clear distinct images.