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Step into the Future with Smart Tracking Devices in Singapore

It’s the future people and we need everything to be smart. Big Data drives the world and statistics is something we live by. We track everything in our lives. We track and document locations, body metrics, food, everything. And for the all the active and futuristic people in Singapore, Lazada’s online store has various smart tracking devices that track and document every aspect of your life. If you are a young millennial just out of school, you dream of having all those smart devices but you think they obviously cost a bomb, then it’s your lucky day.

Lazada Singapore has brought you various smart devices like smart bracelet wristbands, activity trackers and Bluetooth smart watches all at a very affordable price. You will get everything you will ever need to keep every aspect of your smart life in track at Lazada Singapore’s online store. You will get activity tracker from Jawbone, smart bracelet wristband from big brands like Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony and a lot more. Bluetooth smart watches can be bought online too! Get these from brands like Huawei, Samsung Gear, Apple and more. You can also buy Bluetooth smart tracker tags from various brands when you browse through our website. These small tags can be attached to various objects and used to keep track of them so that if you misplace them, you can easily find it using your smartphone. Shop now and get free nationwide delivery and 14-day free returns for your every order.

    Jawbone Activity Tracker

  • Description: This tiny device is a very unique and quite futuristic product made by Jawbone and brought to you by Lazada Singapore. The Jawbone activity tracker comes in the form of a clip and comes in various colors and combinations to suit even the pickiest of buyers.
  • Features: The function of the Jawbone activity tracker is to track every move you make. Suppose if you are jogging, you can attach the Jawbone activity tracker to your trousers or any clothing by the clip, and it will track each and every step you take to give you an exact analysis of your workout and let you know how much calories you have burnt.
  • Recommended for: It’s an essential for the gym goers, joggers, cyclists or anybody involved in any active outdoor activities. It also tracks your sleep to give you a detailed analysis of your sleep pattern and let you improve your productivity and your health by improving your sleep pattern.

    Smart Bracelet Wristbands

  • Description: If you are planning to buy a smart bracelet wristband, nobody gives you a better price than Lazada Singapore. These fitness trackers come with a display. Having this device lets you track your fitness and well-being. This can also be connected to smartphones, cars and other health care devices.
  • Features: They do all the functions of an activity tracker and then some. They also function as heart rate monitors, pedometers, gives you smartphone notifications, time, sleep tracker and silent alarm and also makes a fashion statement with all the separately bought customizable bands it comes with.
  • Recommended for: If you are a fitness enthusiast, it’s possible that you already have this or planning to buy one or have at least seen this on the wrists of your gym buddies.

    Bluetooth Smart Watch

  • Description: This state-of-the-art wearable can be paired to your iOS or android mobile devices. It comes with different types of bands and also available in different colors.
  • Features: Nowadays, the function of a watch is not only limited to showing the time. It must be smart too. Bluetooth smart watches connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and becomes an indispensable part of your smart network. It has all the functions of a smart bracelet wristband and then adds customizable watch faces, reading of smartphone notifications including texts, various body metrics measurement, answering phone calls and not to forget, a unique style statement.
  • Recommended for: It’s good for the gym goers, joggers, cyclists or anybody involved in any active outdoor activities. It’s also for people who are always on-the-go.