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Have SnackFirst dried fruits and nuts for a healthy life

If there is one thing common among all ancient civilization, it is nuts. Do you know what is great about these nuts and dry fruits? It is their high-fat content and essential oils. Dried fruits and nuts have a rich history as food. Culinary nuts find use in baking, evening snacks, paleo diet, and fruit shakes. The demand for these foods is growing world over due to their nutritional value.

Make your evening time snack-healthy as well with SnackFirst. This Singapore-based company was founded by Jes and Lucas with hopes of making people’s snack time healthy. They have free shipping to anywhere in the country. This company gives priority to freshness, and their products are natural and wide in variety. They sell dried fruits and nuts ranging from peanuts, pistachios to walnuts. They have jumbo bags and party packs for celebration. Their products are sold to hotels and caterers apart from being exported. You can get traditional snacks, keropok, and home-made cookies as well.

Hog a lot with healthy nuts

If you are wondering which nuts to consider as an evening snack, you can try pine nuts, hazelnuts, cashew etc. Dried fruits are another great addition to the evening bites. Walnuts from this company are of American origin, are sold raw, and have high dietary fiber. They are unsalted and are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, phosphorous and magnesium. You can also buy roasted, baked, or honey almonds. They all are rich in vitamin B2 and E. The pine nuts are from China and have a high content of zinc, Vitamin E, phosphorus, and Manganese. The nutritional benefits offered by dried fruits and nuts from this company are countless. The essential oils in these foods will keep your stomach satisfied, thereby helping you feel like you had a full-course meal. This snack is great for diabetics, over-weight people, and foodies worried about gaining unnecessary weight.

You get packs of these nuts in various quantities ranging from 200 grams to a kilo. Also, if you do not want to stick to just one type of nut, you may go for a pack of assorted nuts that contain a mix of raisins, dates, walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts. In short, the options are galore and you can buy SnackFirst products conveniently from Lazada, the most trusted online shopping portal in Singapore. This website makes it easy for people to save time and shop for what they want from where they are. You can read customer reviews to make an informed choice. They offer various modes of payment. All transactions go through a secured payment gateway. Once you confirm your order, you can enjoy free delivery to your doorstep. Also, you can return any damaged product using the free return policy and get your money back.

Why choose SnackFirst?

  • This company does not compromise on quality.
  • They lab test the products for safety and taste.
  • You can choose from a variety of snacks all of which guarantee satisfaction.