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Squash away your worries and stresses

One of the most enjoyable sports of all times, squash has its own set of enthusiasts. It is slightly different from other sports played using racquets in the way that the ball is hit towards a wall instead of directing it towards the opponent. It is a very fun game, ideal for playing with family and friends. Indeed, an amazing way to bond!

This ball sport can be played as singles or doubles. The ball used is made of soft rubber, which is hollow inside. It is played inside a closed court with four walls. The walls will have playable portions on it on which the ball can be made to strike using racquets. The players must take alternate turns to hit the ball on these portions. It is a very exciting as well as calorie-burning game which involves a lot of running. You will be proud of your stamina by the time you are done. Sounds interesting enough? Then buy squash racquets today and get ready for some real fun! Bond with colleagues and acquaintances over a good game; it will definitely feel good too!

Everything you expect from an exercise is here

Burning fat and calories, maintaining a fit body, increasing stamina, raising focus, etc., are things you expect from exercising. These are what you get after a good game of squash, along with a large dose of fun. All you need is a good quality squash racquet and a ball. There are different types of these racquets and the player’s strengths play an important role in choosing the right one for them. There are ones which have a heavier head than others, and then there are those having the weight equally distributed. The ones with the heavier head give more power with minimum effort, whereas the ones with a light head are easier to maneuver. Even distribution brings in both properties equally. Similarly, closed throat ones generate more power while open throat ones offer more control. There are different models for beginners, intermediates, and advanced players; so choose the one best for you. When it comes to a squash ball, the Dunlop pro squash ball is worth a mention. It is the ball used during official matches and is of superior quality. It is suitable for professionals and club matches. The quality of this ball makes it easy to control and strike your intended move.

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