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The beauty and personal care products industry of the world is predicted to grow at 2.81% CAGR in between 2018 and 2024. This is a direct result of the growing demand for products such as anti-aging products, multifunctional products and the general public’s growing awareness about the benefits of skin care and personal care products. The market has also seen a significant shift, in the form of the entry of younger customers. People are realizing that the earlier they start taking care of their skin, the better it will look in the long term and thus are investing in quality products meant for targeted concerns. The market thus has a number of brands that all claim to provide the best results. The Skin Pharmacy is one such brand that has products that stay true to its claims.

The brand has face scrubs, exfoliators, night creams, sunscreens and after sun lotions, lip balms and treatments as well as moisturizers. The Skin Pharmacy serum is a cult favorite as it helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It contains a high dose of Retinol along with sodium hyaluronate, benzoic acid, propanediol and water. Every single ingredient that goes into making this serum is 100% natural, naturally-derived or organic. The high quantity of retinol in the serum helps in removing fine lines and wrinkles while also reducing skin irritation. The serum is very light and thus gets easily absorbed in the skin too. Those suffering from chapped lips can buy The Skin Pharmacy lip repair serum. This is made from Vitamin E and cholesterol acetate. It contains no preservative and is very effective in tackling dry lips.

Get toned skin with The Skin Pharmacy toner

The brand’s toner too is very effective. In fact, the brand has different toners to address varied skin issues and users can choose from Mild Treatment toner, Amino Replenishing toner, Anti-acne Treatment toner and Natural Alcohol-free toner. If you want to buy an alcohol-free toner, buy from The Skin Pharmacy in Singapore. This toner is enriched with natural or organic ingredients such as sodium PCA, aloe vera extracts, witch hazel and others. Those suffering from acne can buy anti-acne treatment toner that moisturizes, heals as well as soothes the skin. This toner contains salicylic acid that helps unclog pores while the Zinc PCA present in it helps reduce sebum production.

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  • Their products contain natural or organic ingredients
  • Their products are gentle on the skin
  • The products are highly effective