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Reasons to Play Volleyball

Volleyball is a ball game that provides pure enjoyment and easy sport accessibility, because it can be played by all; no matter what is their gender and age. Playing this sport gives you more than just fun; this sport also allows you to greater benefits. All people should have a physical activity, as it is needed, if you want to have a long life. Playing volleyball can help you burn calories, improves muscular system, and enhances your energy level. Meaning, volleyball is not just a game but also a way for a healthy life. Moreover, this sport also improves your body coordination; especially, with the eyes and the hand. When you are playing this game, it requires you to alert all your senses as you need to give your attention to the ball—and this is where improvements on hand-eye coordination occurs.

Volleyball is a ball game that provides pure enjoyment and easy sport accessibility, because it can be played by all; no matter what is their gender and age. Another reason to play volleyball is to fully develop your social interaction skills and sportsmanship. This sport isn’t just about hitting the ball, and get a good score. Volleyball is about working on a team and gives all what you’ve got to win the game. Having good comradery with your teammates, lets you realized how trust truly matters. Also, working with a group can boost your social interaction experience and makes you feel happy, valued, and loved in both inside and outside the court. Also, volleyball reminds you that there are times for winning and losing. The sport requires you to handle on how well you will deal on those defeats. All in all, this competitive sport is both physical and social demanding; however, it lets you grow to be a better individual.

Things You Need in Playing Volleyball

Volleyball does not demand that much when it comes on where you can play it; because it can be played both indoor and outdoor. However, there are equipment that are highly needed to play this game. The most important item is the ball—you will know that the ball is important because it is the name of the sport: Volleyball. When playing this sport you should look for high quality ball; this is much needed for you to have more enjoyable and safer game. Another thing you need is the game net. Volleyball nets serve as a boarder for two competing team. Also, it provides added difficulty in the game.

Playing volleyball requires a constant use of your legs, arms and hand. Your limbs should be protected as they are the most body part to get injured. Whether you are practicing or playing you should be equipped with protective gears. Volleyball shin guards help you to reduce friction and protect your knees from scratches. Also, they give you an added balance and mobility in the game. On the other hand, arm sleeves are there to protect you from pain; especially, it is the part you used in hitting the ball. Finger supports reduce the pain caused by friction and collision when playing. In conclusion, investing volleyball gears and equipment are really important for you to enjoy and achieve the wellness of playing volleyball.


  • Materials: Mostly, they are made from top quality PVC or synthetic leather. You can choose from stitched and laminated type
  • Uses: The ball is ideal for indoor and outdoor volleyball games
  • Features: All volleyballs are made durable and soft; mostly come with high flexibility to strengthen multi-material processing to prevent distortion

    Volleyball Nets

  • Materials: All are made from competition-quality materials that are durable in the game; usually made from nylon
  • Uses: The nets are ideal for indoor and outdoor competition. Also, they are handy for games in the backyard or the beach
  • Features: Most of the volleyball nets comes in regulation-sized volleyball net; which measures 32 feet by 3 feet 3 inches

    Protective Gears

  • Materials: The protective gears such are arm sleeves, shin guards, and finger protectors are most made from comfortable cotton, spandex and polyester
  • Uses: Wearing protective gears in volleyball reduces pain caused by friction and collision, protect you while sporting, and prevent dislocations of joints
  • Features: All of these are made from high-elastic breathable material that facilitate the recovering after injury