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Give your baby the right nutrition with growing-up milk

When it comes to your little angel, you definitely think twice before buying any product. But Redmart on Lazada is here to solve all your worries regarding growing-up milk. The milk powders of the store have a high nutrient content which enables the toddler to have normal and healthy growth. The toddler milk is then again available for various stages of the baby’s life. The toddler formula is specially enriched in calcium. It helps in the healthy development of bones and also acts as the perfect alternative to cow’s milk straight from the dairy. The main thing is that the formulation of the milk is done carefully so that it does not harm the child in any manner.

The growing up milk powder available on this store also has DHA and iron in it which supports the healthy development of the brain and also enhances the intelligence. Both of these components are necessary from an early age in order to ensure that the child has proper IQ. Some of the milk powders also contain selective prebiotics that enhances the digestive health of the child and strengthens it. Another important component present in the milk powders is Vitamin D. To make the milk tastier, some of them also contain natural and artificial essences. The follow-on milk listed on this store has an easy-to-digest formula that will give your toddler a balanced diet as well. 

Give your infant’s health a boost with these follow on milk powders

The baby growing up milk products available here are also rich in Vitamin A which serves as one of the chief components for the development of the eye in infants. It also contains all the essential vitamins and minerals that are needed by a child in healthy growth. 30% of the daily value of Vitamin C and E and calcium and iron is provided by these milk products. If your child has lactose sensitivity then you need not worry because some of these products are specially designed to have 96% less lactose content than usual. Enhance the immune system of your child with the necessary B Vitamins with the help of these nutritious milk powders.

You can buy growing up milk for toddlers from Redmart on Lazada at exciting prices and discounts. The best thing is that we will deliver the products at your doorstep no matter where you live on the island. Our delivery is done from 7 am to 10 pm on all seven days of the week. We also provide a money back guarantee on the freshness of these items. We also promise that our products have the lowest price on the web. Is another store providing you a lower regular selling price? Let us know and we will give you double the difference. LiveUp members of Lazada will receive an added benefit of getting the products delivered at no extra cost when the order value is above SGD40.00. The membership will also get you an added 5% rebate on every order.