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Beat the monsoons with stylish men’s accessories like umbrellas

Umbrellas are required both in summer seasons to stay protected from the harsh sun and also during the monsoon season to stay protected against the rain. Umbrellas can become almost a part of your entire attire on a rainy day. And it is not just women who look for trendy umbrellas when it pours these days. Men’s accessories offered by reputed brands include cool umbrellas too! Now you can wave goodbye to the traditional black umbrella and say hello to the new set of vibrant and stylish umbrellas which are perfect to complement your outfit. There are different styles, colors, and sizes of umbrellas available for men today, which can help cover both short and long distances in the rain.

Check out the large men’s umbrellas that have a 24 bone make and are very colorful. This is a steel reinforced windproof umbrella with 115 cm diameter. This umbrella has an automatic close open mechanism with large, double or three-fold windproof material. It has a sturdy make to stay put even in strong winds since the 24 bones hold the sheet firmly to its frame. This umbrella is safe to use with blunt and covered ends. These are available in different shades of pink, blue, yellow, purple, black, grey and so on. Also, this product has a variant which has all the colors of the rainbow giving it a majestic look. Men’s umbrellas are widely used in Singapore during the monsoons and even during scorching summers, and can be purchased online from Lazada now.

Get a long handle umbrella for better grip during windy weather

Though the umbrellas with a long curved handle are somewhat out of fashion, they are back again and are superior to the other designs. The long curved handle of the umbrella offers more support and gives you better hold on the handle. Check out the long handle umbrellas that can be used both in sunny and rainy weather. The umbrella is made of an aluminum alloy material and the umbrella cloth is made up of Pongee. They have fully automatic mechanism the makes it easy to open the umbrella with one hand. Now, these umbrellas are available in different shades and colors and it can complement the type of apparel you are wearing.

There are different other models of umbrellas available like the elastic fixed children’s umbrellas that can be fixed on the forehead with the elastic so that kids do not need to hold them. There are other medium-sized umbrellas which are lightweight and easy to use too. So, buy men’s umbrellas to protect yourself from the heat and rain easily. Some of the leading brands are Paradise, Black Lemon, TTK, Kidorable, FaSala, etc. These brands offer you premium quality products that have along lasting life. You can check more on these products by logging on to Lazada Singapore. They also offer free shipping and 14-day free returns as added benefits.