Durable and stylish accessories for your computer from TDMS

Today, the world can actually come to a standstill without computers. Desktops and laptops have taken over a majority of work done by people and are now present in government organizations, businesses, research centres, educational units and in households. Depending on how you use the system, the features and complexity of the same vary. With the right accessories, you can protect your system and make better use of it.

TDMS is a seller on Lazada Singapore’s site. This seller deals exclusively with different kinds of accessories you can use for your computers. The categories include screen filters, stands, cooling pads, gaming accessories, security systems, chargers and other cases and covers. You can also buy headphones, speakers, fitness trackers, SSDs, range extenders and other home essentials on the seller’s page. With 3+ years of experience selling on Lazada's platform, the seller has managed to get hundreds of positive reviews. When you buy from TDMS, you also get regular discount vouchers and deals.

Laptop stands, cooling pads and filters to protect your device while working

There are people who use their system in offices and in crowded and public places. In such spaces, getting some privacy is always a problem. People can stare into your screen, read/see the content, making you very uncomfortable. Here is where a screen filter comes to help. This is a self adhesive product that gives protection from prying. It prevents people from an angle of 30 degrees or higher to be able to see your screen’s content. All they can see is dark space. These screens also have UV and glare reduction features. From the TD-Essentials brands, the screens cost you SGD 30. If you work from home often, keeping the laptop on random tables can result in back pain. There are so many kinds of laptop stands that this seller offers. The Deepcool M-Desk F1 Monitor Stand is slim and sleek with aluminum alloy feet. The height of the table can be adjusted easily. Lazada offers a 24% discount on the product now and it costs around SGD 35.

If your system heats up really fast, a laptop cooling pad is necessary. The Deepcool U Pal Notebook Cooler suits laptops sized 15.6 inches and smaller. This comes with two 140 mm fans and keeps your system cool and protected when you use it. This model also has a 37% discount. For all your purchases on Lazada's website, free shipping is offered. You can get the products home delivered in just a few working days. Cash on delivery is also a popular payment method offered by the ecommerce site. The free returns policy helps to ask for an exchange or refund without any questions asked.