Cooking and laundry essentials from V Care Pte Ltd

If you are a home maker, you must know the effort it takes to maintain the house and ensure people’s needs are met every day. Unlike what people assume, most home makers spend the whole day cleaning, cooking and doing the laundry without a break. In such cases, picking right home care essentials will lessen your workload and help finish work faster. There are so many brands creating smart and easy to afford home maintenance essentials for busy Singaporeans.

One place where you can buy cooking and laundry essentials for all your needs is from V Care Pte Ltd. This seller is listed on Lazada Singapore’s website and has already become quite popular with customers online. The different categories of products you can get from this seller are cookware, prep boards, cleaning essentials like mops, brooms, sponges and clothes, plates and bathroom fittings. The seller stocks up brands like VC Household, Deukon, Sage, Zenez and Oster. Check out the products offered and buy from V Care Pte Ltd right away. You can be sure to get 100% new and authentic products.

Cookware from Lazada to encourage you to cook like a professional

Cutting boards or preparation boards need to be in every kitchen. This helps to cut, dice, slice or chop ingredients needed for the dish you are planning to cook. When you have the ingredients cut and ready, it takes very less time to actually cook. If you love meat and often use it for cooking, the Sage carving board heavy is a good investment. This is 12X16 inches in size and strong and durable. The board is heat resistant up to 176 degree Celsius and is anti bacterial and anti mildew. It is also dishwasher safe. Since the board is 3/4th of an inch thick, there is no chance of you damaging the kitchen surface while using it. The actual MRP of the board is SGD 428. Lazada offers a limited time 54% discount on the product if you place an order now. The cookware category from this seller is divided into pots and pans and woks and stir fry pans.

The Zenez 30cm Cooking Wok is a best selling product from Korea. This is perfect for small and mid-sized families. The non-sticky marble coated interiors ensure it is easy to cook and clean. The wok costs you SGD 127.20 after a 20% discount. It is anti-microbial and facilitates quick heat transfer. Whatever product you choose from Lazada, you can avail free shipping for the same. Free cash on delivery option is also available. Customers shopping from this ecommerce website love the free returns policy offered by the website. This increases trust and makes shopping more pleasurable.